Binders & Page Protectors

Aug4I lost a paper yesterday. It was an important paper, a referral from a doctor to see the massage therapist because of my car accident last year. I could not find it ANYWHERE.

I knew where it had been, but I’d switched desks with my husband and somewhere in the transition, it was lost.

Paper could easily take over our whole house. Between schooling, work, my art and all the ideas that come with that, paper is everywhere.

The pin I picked for today is another organizing one. I adore binders and page protectors.  They’ve helped me in the past to get a handle on all the necessary stuff and get rid of what’s left.  This is not easy when you are an artist! So many things (ideas, sketches, references) are written down and then kept. Sometimes they stay for years, with you knowing that eventually they will find their way back into your work.

This is one of the reason I have come to love Pinterest so much!  I can keep my concepts there without having to have them on my desk or in the mini cottage we call home.  However, sadly, not everything can be kept on Pinterest.

After organizing the whole top of my desk and starting in on the rest of the house, the letter has been found!

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