The Grand Escape

August 2nd, 31 days of living my pins

August 2nd, 31 days of living my pins

I’m caught in the circle of life.  Not the grand circle of birth and life and death, but the ones that run inside the grand scheme.  The whirlpools that run every day.  I stripped the laundry off 7 beds, and started the long process of washing.  We went to a party, got groceries and came home to put them away. While we were out, something oozed in the refrigerator.  So, I had to wash it all down before putting the groceries away.  Of course, I didn’t want to put the lethal cleaning clothes anywhere but directly in the washer, but, of course, it was still full of the last load.  So, instead of putting away groceries, I started with the laundry.

Does it feel like that circle gets played out every day, all day for you?  The pin I chose to achieve on pinterest today was reading.  I rarely step out of my circles to the relaxing place that reading resides.  Today I did! Last night I made my mango salsa and today the munchkins got the chips.  I acted on my summer reading pin and picked up a book that my girlfriend Patty loaned me.  The $64 Tomato.  It is hilarious, but mostly because it’s so terribly true. A few years ago both Patty and I happily announced to each other that we’d just planted our gardens.  It promptly hailed the next day and killed every single plant.

This year I have a garden plot with 40 tomato plants.  Half we carefully planted from seed and labled and watered.  Half I got from an organic gardener off of Craig’s List.  The munchkins cheerfully offered to plant them while I was out of town taking care of my sister.  When I got home the garden was beautifully planted, weedless and green.  The lables were in a neat pile at the corner of the garden.  I guess we are just going to enjoy mystery tomatoes this year.

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