Father Child Camp

When the munchkins were little, there was a magical weekend in the middle of the summer.  On this weekend, they would pack up their tent and backpacks and drive away to a camp.  At this camp there was a director who would plan events for daddies and their little ones to  stay active with all weekend.  The kids were girls and boys from 2 to 10 and their brave daddies.  All their meals were eaten in the grand mess hall and they had a campfire and treats before bed.  They would fish, swim, boat on the pond, have newt races, and lose their voices.

Father Child Camp

Father Child Camp

Their mothers would sleep, read a book, ignore the laundry, and make tea. They would catch up with girlfriends and take a shower without small people. They would remember what life before kids was and would be after the whirlwind of young motherhood.  They would remember who they were and appreciate the bravery of their spouse. They would be revived. Now that the munchkins are bigger, they still go away with daddy for a day, but it’s now in the winter, to a hotel with a pool and movies, next to a bowling alley and without any diapers in the backpacks.  We fill this jar with things to stretch their minds and grow their hearts. When they have completed the challenges, from sitting next to a kid likely to be bullied at school, to writing a poem, to accomplishing an extra tough workout, the weekend will be scheduled.

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