It’s the beginning of my summer, just after the summer solstice, and a Thursday.  I’m rather settled in the “cottage”, but the backyard (tiny) looks like a weedlot. Dh kindly built a raised bed for the tomatoes with the supplies I’d purchased. (I must water, I must!)  I really don’t want to do anything more with the yard until we’ve built the patio though, and that may be a while yet.  He used his “one day off per week” to build it for me.  (must water, must water!)

Raised bed

I’ve actually pulled out my pencils to begin a piece of art. I said this last summer as well, but this time I actually have started! I did a pre-sketch of a watercolor last week and worked on ideas for the overlay this week.  Come Monday, I will begin sketching on that as well.

The neighbor’s plantings look lovely from the viewpoint of this photo.  Maybe I should just crawl around on all fours when in the backyard from now on. It would prevent me from being able to look over the fence to see the obnoxious items in the view from the back door. (I must water, I must!)



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