and Tea

I call my mother a pyromaniac because of her absolute love of fire.  She loves the warmth tickling up through her fingers and toes, making up for our joint lack of “good circulation”.  Matching this love of fire is her love of tea, the conduit to warmth from the inside, tingling out to meet the crackling heat on the outside. 

My favorite tea is a chai, not too sweet, not too spicy, and always with a sweet or buttery bread at hand.  Below are a few of my favorite places to find the perfect combination.

Jim and Patty’s is a Portland landmark.  They are the original creators of Coffee People, and my mother actually worked at the old headquarters years ago.  We LOVE their sour cream coffeecake. I think it goes great with chai. Mum thinks it goes well with Earl Grey.

Pearl Bakery is dh’s favorite bakery.  He will make a beeline for this just as quickly as he can on a free afternoon.  Their croissants and signature pugliese would keep him fed for a month straight. Maybe longer if cheese was an option.

Dot’s Donuts. The couple who owns and runs Dots used to be our link to fresh bread until they decided to sell their bread bakery and switch gears. They now have Tazo teas and fresh-from-scratch donuts of all shapes and sizes. They will box up a dozen for a party, or you can sit outside during the summer at their little bistro tables.

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