Chocolate first, then Tea…

I may not dream in chocolate, but I certainly have my cravings.  I did a little research for you this week to bring the possibilities of a chocolate tour to your mind.  My girlfriend Patty and I do have to warn you though, we did a tour of a lovely chocolate factory (The Candy Basket) and were full by the time we left.  The factory gave us sweet samples the whole way through and we felt like chocolate covered jelly sticks ourselves on the way out.

Chocolate festivals through the year:
Portland, Oregon Forestry Center Benefit at the Convention Center; Chocolate Fest  Bloomington, Indiana; Week of Chocolate

Morehead City, North Carolina benefit including a chocolate spa day, Friday golf and formal dinner, Saturday afternoon spa and casual, formal art and wine and a dinner Saturday night; Carolina Chocolate Festival
Glendale, Arizona Glendale Chocolate Affaire casual street faire combined with a Romance Writers workshop

Ashland, Oregon Ashland Springs Hotel Oregon Chocolate Festival 35 chocolate companies compete in a juried competition
Fairfax, Virginia  Chocolate Lovers Festival casual, with juried amature and professional competition benefits children’s food program
Dallas/Ft.Worth Chocolatefest benefit for Traveler’s Aid Formal on Friday evening (wine and art also a focus of this event) casual on Saturday
Washington, Kentucky casual festival Chocolate Festival
San Diego, California Botanical Gardens has a Chocolate Festival right before Mother’s Day with crafts for children to make and tastings for mothers.
Winter Park Resort in Colorado has an open admission to their Chocolate Festival with tickets for individual tastings.

Melbourne, Australia Chocolate Rush brings consumers in touch with innovations in the industry.
San Francisco, California Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival square benefit for Open Hand Saturday and Sunday casual demonstrations all day with special tea menu 
Paris Salon du Chocolat an exhibition and show devoted entirely to chocolate art in all forms.
Vancouver, Canada hosts a month long series of events for chocolate lovers with their West Coast Chocolate Festival
Orange County, California O.C. Chocolate Festival  wine tasting, holiday shopping, chocolate fashion show, and raffle to benefit a local charity.

Chocolate craft studio also has chocolate kits if you can’t leave home.

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