First day of Summer

I know that the first day of summer is a little ways off on your calendar. 

I know that the rain is coming down in torrents outside my door. 

I know that most kids in the Northern Hemisphere are still in school.

However, I have no more classes to teach, no more papers to critique, no more carpools to drive. Therefore, I am out for the summer!

My own art began in earnest today.  I shoveled my way to the desk, cleared a space and began to draw.  I'm really quite pleased that it really was no harder than that.  We'll see how the regimen goes for the next 100 days or so, but I'm hopeful, very hopeful, that pen and paint will be set to paper around here.

A lovely little something to jump start your summer, Small Magazine, an on-line children's zine, arrived in my mailbox today. (Just click on the link and you can read it too!)  Australia is not heading into summer, but there is a lovely new issue of Papier Mache out.  They've also just increased their publishing times to four editions a year. Yeah! I miss

 Cookie magazine, but these go a little ways toward replacing them. (At least in my mind…)

There are some darling raised beds at Little Cotton Rabbits I wonder if her contraption would have protected my tomatoes from the horrid batch of hail we got the day after I'd planted the garden. (My plants did survive, but they were not happy and now have yellow leaves all around the base.)

What triggers your sweet childhood memories? For me it was these leaves, spotted at the zoo. I had not seen leaves like this since I was five. We lived in Pennsylvania then, and there was a wood at the back of our property.  I wandered through the wood and came to a little glade.  The glade was full of nothing but these leaves.  I was tiny and they grew up around my waist. I reached down and picked one. It was a perfect parasol on a bright sunny afternoon…

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