Field Tripping

This week's been a little crazy and I really haven't been home.  The chocolate carriage was made especially for the owner of The Candy Basket for her birthday.  We were told, at the end of our tour, that it is solid chocolate, poured in a specially made mold.  If you love chocolate as much as she does, I'd suggest taking a tour of their factory.  I think we were given a sample every five feet! 

Between end of the year testing, parties, field trips, track meets, and benefit dinners, I have some beautiful photos but haven't had time to format them for you until today.  This is what happens when I'm filling my brain with fresh references for art…

One of the benefits I helped decorate for had a dinner. After the speaker there was entertainment, but not of the variety for a little girl. She sat with her young mother in front of us and began to wiggle and wiggle and wiggle. I decided to take her out and do a photoshoot to give her mother time to herself. We went looking for "beautiful things" and I discovered the most beautiful of all was right at hand.  Her nails were a joy to her, and me as well.  Can you feel the wonder her sparkling fingers brought us?

We also went riding at Silver Buckle Ranch, the first time for the littlest munchkins.  The horses were so huge, and they were so small, but they bucked up and handled them well. (The horses were exceptional with children, except for one who they thought might be salt deficient)

I've been seeing flowers everywhere.  Several other artists are seeing flowers too.  There's a bright red rose at anna marie horner's site as well as a lovely white flower on white plate at raised in cotton.

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