Did you miss me?

I've missed me.  I sprained my ankle stepping out of a streetcar in downtown Portland, and then walked all over the zoo with the munchkins the next morning. Bad choice.  It retaliated by swelling up to an unwieldy size and refused to subject itself to any weight whatsoever. 

At least I have photos of the animals!  I'll be using them in my artwork this summer, so it was a much needed trip.  Here are a few of the ones that are good as stand alone photographs.  (The other photos are just for reference for my drawings and paintings.)  Several of the animals were very frisky and playful, including the otter and the walrus. We only saw half of the zoo this time as we had another appointment that afternoon, but it gives us an excuse to go back again once more.  The littlest munchkin was in the mood for sharks and squid, but we found that we would have to go to the aquarium at the coast for the warm water animals. (Not a bad idea for the summer months.)  There was a warm room for the penguins, however, and they were very active. 


The animals below were mellow, so mellow in fact that one of them is asleep and another is dozing on his feet. Sometimes I feel like that, don't you?


We also stopped by a few farms last week and picked up some farm fresh eggs and honey.  The munchkins were along and were given some quail eggs as well.



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