spring and seattle

We went out to a wee farm this week.  Some friends of ours have sheep and their baby lambs were born, so we wanted to go for a visit. 

This particular mother was very lenient towards us, thankfully, and allowed the munchkins to love all over her baby.  On this farm our friends also keep cattle, goats, gardens, rabbits, chicks, chickens, dogs, and everything that make children sufficiently wildly happy.  Being out-of-doors on a spring day was good for me too!  The light is so much kinder, the palette brighter, the air fresher. 

My girlfriend also shared some of her fresh rhubarb which I made into a strawberry pie.  This pie plate was emptied in five minutes flat. 5 minutes.  I can't wait until all the growing appetites in this house start to kick in.

Here is the Seattle chocolate shop that I promised to tell you about.  It's just a few blocks up from Pike's Place Market, across from the Seattle Art Museum (and just down from the Gelatto shop). It's called Fran's and it also has a wonderful hot cocoa station.  Dh and the munchkins were already ordering gellato up the street for us, or I would have had to have one. I did pick up a lovely egg filled with chocolate chicks for Easter.


We also stopped in at the French style bakery, Le Panier, after lunch for some take home treats. (No, I didn't get all the ones pictured below, even though I would have wanted too!)






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  1. lastipad.com says:

    I like your chocolate. Greate !

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