Garden dreaming

Two more trees bloomed this week, both apples.  They all take their turns and I feel like I could call out their names from the conductors stand on the balcony.

I've just realized that all of my trees blossom white; cherries, apples and plums. However, at the front of Deer Haven, everything besides the daffodils blooms in various shades of purple.  Speaking of purple plants, if you have deer, take note that they really have turned up their noses at my Hyacinth, Hydrangeas, and Lavender.

While in Seattle last week near Pike's Place, there was an international news and magazine stand. I was tickled to run across it and searched until I found just what I was looking for.  Marie Claire idees, spring 2010. This lovely French magazine jump started my thinkings about my garden in the most pleasant way possible.  The trick for Deer Haven is how to create small spaces out of large, flat, plain jane spaces.  I just love their cozy French patio room!

I've been thinking about "garden rooms"  in the landscaping meaning of the terms lately, due to the fact that I have three big outdoor parties to host in the next few months.

I have picked up furniture that lends itself to the shabby chic/garage sale special variety as well as a formal table.  What I don't have is a green thumb or an already functioning landscaped estate.  What I found when I went looking for ideas was the concept of breaking up monotonous areas into "outdoor rooms".  This could be created in so many different ways, but one that really appealed to me came with a set of downloadable plans!  Garden Structure's website features a wonderful pergola and the design plan is all of

$25.   I also liked the idea of low walls in order to create a space without blocking a larger view.There are two on Sundance Landscaping's website that would work for this.  One of them features low rectangular planters that would be just the right heighth to feed the deer. I mean, to grow vegetables. The other creates layers of walls, each higher than the last with plantings beyond the half height brick wall.   

Next week I'll show you a little chocolate shop I found in Seattle. 

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