The garden and a tea party



I was inspired this week by the artistic trailer of Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland. (I haven't seen the movie itself yet.) I just love films that have such an art center. Half the time I could simply turn the sound off and watch the art go by! (Shane Acker and Tim Burton's "9", case in point!)

Here is a link for a clip and photos from Alice at  I also found a few other blogs who enjoyed tea party themes, including carousel of crowns and afancifultwist by Vanessa Valencia on typepad.

I visited my yard and garden on purpose today, for the first time since our short winter began. I've come to the conclusion that we really didn't have a true winter. We had only one day of snow. (All of the rest of the U.S. had it for us this year.)  I took pictures for you as I took stock of the landscape.  The Don Juan rose was too delicate to survive the winter (and my black thumb), so I now have the mystery of finding out what color of rose the original rootstock produces.  The original rootstock is alive, well, and taking over the pot vigorously.

 I was attemping to grow mosquitos, quite by neglect of course, but derailed the project by flipping over the undrained pot.  Sage is taking over the pot with chives sprouting early, but the basil and rosemary couldn't stand their ground.  Dh was kind enough to drill holes in my waterlogged whiskey barrels, so hopefully they will grow the rest of the herbs this year. 



The poor rhodedendron and rhubarb have over wintered in pots and were begging to be properly planted.

The lovely potted lilies from last year surprised me by finding their way up to the surface without any help at all.  I had picked up some lily of the valleys, Siberian iris', and gladiolus last week and when we opened them we found they were already sprouting inside their boxes.  They are all planted now. We will see whether the deer like them for lunch…



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