Plum Beginnings

I finished my photography classes, so hopefully you'll see better photos on here. I took the course to force myself out of using auto mode settings. It worked because he assigned homework, and I did my homework. (Unlike my 10th grade Algebra 2 class…) 

I am continuing to teach my applied art history class, and this week we will be focusing on Johannesburg in the 1960's. Were any of you there?

The blossoms have ignored my worries and plumped out.  Here is a photo of the ornamental plum, and the golden plums will follow on their heels next week. I haven't been seeing much of the deer yet.  Their eyes have sparkled in my headlights as I've returned home late at night, staring across the field.  But by morning they are nowhere to be seen, and thus, no pictures for you.

My in-laws have been complaining about the cold, and this lovely blog  named KissKus shows you what they've been complaining about.  It's not my sister-in-law's website, but it is a Dutch one.

While looking for science clips for the munchkins, I ran across a new (to me) website for instructional videos.  It's called 5 minutes, and proposes to show you how to make, do, or learn something new in only a few minutes.  They have an arts category, and the video clips on Digital art look like they could be useful.  I had my doubts on being able to learn much in the painting category in five minutes, but the ratings are helpful in sorting through them. One of the videos I appreciated was by the painter Alexander Shundi, on painting portraits.    What I didn't appreciate was all of the ads!

I couldn't recall whether I'd sent you to this lovely artist yet.  Her name is Jennifer Murphy and I just LOVE her studio space.  Her teddies and such are so cute too.


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