Early Spring

The daffodil appeared under my window today.  The tiny purple and white Creeping Phlox are showing their faces under the cedars, and the ornamental plum burst into bloom just yesterday morning.  However, it hasn't snowed here yet this year and all of this blooming has me nervous.  Nervous for my plum trees, nervous for my apple blossoms, and naturally, for the cherries…

To calm the nerves, I did what any wise gardener does.  I turned my head and dove into other winter pursuits.  It is still February in the pacific northwest, I reminded myself. 

So, I shopped for paints for my art history class at Fabric Depot (only the most glorious fabric store in this half of the world). The munchkins, meanwhile, found some fabric that they must have for pillows in the library.  It matches the sunny yellow walls and of course, mother, it features a literary character. 

I also found some very lovely wool felt to make some small stuffies or some flowers.  I've been seeing some very cute stuffies lately.  Here is one link to a free pattern for a knit stuffy made by Ysolda. The picture isn't working, but her .pdf link is and they are so cute.  Just scroll down to the bottom of her pattern page to the "download" button.

Below is another adorable stuffy, made by Cassie at Belladia.

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1 Response to Early Spring

  1. Charlotte87 says:

    Plum is too charming to be ornamental. Plum is more lusty

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