There's only one sport that I consider a really beautiful one.  The fans clap politely, are silent while the players concentrate, and you begin at Love – Love.  You also have delightful fashion! Consider the ruffled skirt below.  It says "confection" to me, you'd have to have legs that looked like confection to wear it.

It's made by Adidas and designed by Stella McCartney.   Hermes also has a fairytale white outfit with tea service.  (Darling doll house as well…)

I'm not quite certain how I'd have tea in this position, but a tree house would do.

Lacoste continues the fairytale theme by

making us dream about flying. I know that when I'm breaking a sweat playing tennis I don't quite think I can fly, but these are lovely dreams.  Maybe if I were wearing a bracelet like this it would help.



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