White Christmas (part 1)

Here come the White Christmas images, though I must admit that I've had to concede to including green this year.  It keeps sneaking in and looking right, so it will be there too. 

The berries and rosemary are from the turkey brine I prepared for Thanksgiving. 

I have a white table set up just for display in the living room for the month of December.  The munchkins are having fun building all white miniature castles on it this week.  We will be making a large white castle as well, if I can find a way to make white gingerbread. Have you thought of using piano sheet music for decor?  I'll show you next week where I've put it up. (I love it!) 

I have a terrible memory.  I can recall the color of the shirt my beloved was wearing on the night we first kissed; the milk drunk smile of my babies when they'd nursed; or the way my arms were crossed when I first walked through Deer Haven, unimpressed.  (It had no natural light, unthinkable for an artist!)  But I don't remember when I'm supposed to pick up my children, be at the hairdresser, or how to get to my girlfriend's house. (Yes, Patty, go ahead and laugh!)  Therefore, I make lists, and lists upon lists, including three to get me through the month of December.  The important one right now is the list of things I'm teaching my munchkins about focusing on others… so hard when there's a wish list to compile!  

Do you have a list that you are working on?


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1 Response to White Christmas (part 1)

  1. brenvanc says:

    The list I'm working on today is the additions to the Giving Tree for a school that was late in getting the details to me. It is a special list filled with names of children who will be getting a little extra this year thanks to the generosity of our wonderful congregation.

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