Beautiful Purse

Here are the photos of the Cracker Jacks contest prize, fresh off the sewing machine.  Take a close look at the sparkling deer and the initial, because your bags will have both of those. 

I love the fact that it drapes beautifully (being linen) and has summery stripes on the inside.  I've used cheerful pink bias tape on the pocket for a bit of cheer as well.

(Dh said that I would have to charge an outrageous sum if I was to sell these

because of the crazy amount of handiwork caused by the frame I created around the initial. He also warned that I would lose my sanity if I did a frame again, so yours will have your initial, but no frame.) 

Are you longing for summer already?  My baby sister just had a baby, so I'm heading to sunny Florida in a few weeks to love on her and the new munchkin.  I'll bring back some cheery photos, and hopefully decorate her home for Christmas as well.  I'll be rotating the photos and art on her walls just as I'll be doing on ours…toward the white theme.

   page 54/55

I know that it seems so far away from those of us experiencing late fall, but Australia has summer right now.  That's why all the photos of sun drenched children are running about in their newly released papermache issue #2

It's getting very dark here very early.  I am so excited about decorating for Christmas this year. Everything is going to be white. white. white. I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning.  You'll see.  You'll want to go white too…

Allison Trentelman

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1 Response to Beautiful Purse

  1. brenvanc says:

    Can't wait. I love tote type bags.

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