The Feeling of a Surprise

One more week for you to enter the Cracker Jacks surprise contest!  The drawing will be held on next Thursday, right around midnight…

As I've been getting your surprises together, one has been on it's way to me.  It arrived this week.  Do you remember what it feels like to have a lovely something unexpectedly show up in your mailbox?  I have a new doll from Lubov Nalogina, an excellent doll maker from Moscow, shown below.


I also came across a flash back from my childhood when I went to pick up an English workbook for one of the munchkins.  Hello Kitty items were being clearanced at Learning Palace.  This character is new to me, but just as sweet as Hello Kitty herself.  Here are some more saccharine Japanese items, mostly dolls.

I sent off for a blank moleskin notebook from  They are collecting books from various artists to tour in their "library" of sketchbooks.  I was given the theme " I keep forgetting to call you back".  I feel like it's a little bit odd, but I'm working with it. 

You simply can't go without a nibble before you leave today, so here's a tasty morsel. The photostream is from and she has many more yummy things on her own site as well. 

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