Surprise Inside

Over the years Cracker Jacks has had many different surprises in their packages.  I used to love finding mine in the bottom of the box just as much as the munchkins do today.  I also used to love gold nugget gum, because the bag was a prize in itself. 

I guess, it a way that was why I always chose "Bubble Gum" ice cream at Baskin Robins.  You got to blow bubbles even after your ice cream was long gone. 

The modern prizes in Cracker Jacks today are almost all made out of paper.  However, the prizes I'm giving out in three Cracker Jacks boxes this week are not paper!  These boxes will be all prize and no corn.  I'll be randomly drawing three names from the responses I get this week. YOU could win one of the three prize boxes! Send me an email at the link on the word responses, or post a comment here to add your name to the drawing.

I found these shoes over at Riley Roos the other day.  They are soooo cute.  If only I could find them in my size…

Do you dream about cheese? Do you wish you knew which kind of cheese you would like to eat soon? If so, there is a special site just for you. They say that I'm hankering for Pecorino with my fall apples.


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2 Responses to Surprise Inside

  1. brenvanc says:

    At least with a single box of Cracker Jacks you actually got the prize and didn't have to fight for it like some out of cereal boxes.

  2. Slacks says:

    I loved cracker jacks! Haven't had any in years.

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