Wolves and Castles

I've been researching "Paris in the 1600's" for the fabric art book class.  We are going to make a mock castle to go on one of the pages in the book. I've chosen Chateau de Cheverny for it's lovely symetry. It was comissioned by Marie de Medici, the mother and wife of French kings during the early 1600's. Marie de Medici was from the Medici family in Florence, Italy. Naturally, she imported things from home to keep from being lonely, as any good woman would.  She imported Italian gardening, painters, architects, and good food. (Nothing like a little Italian home garden to keep you company.) 

 I've also discovered that the Chateau de Cheverny was Herge's inspiration for Marlinspike in his Tintin series. While researching for the castles, I ran across a French structure that was just so charming.  I'm not certain when it was built, but they have an article on the repair of the turrets that is interesting.

I'm awed by other women who are artists and who do arty things with their munchkins. (Where do they find the time, I wonder…) Jean writes The Artful Parent blog, and her current posting is an interview of yet another mother who makes it a point to engage her children in her art.  Jean has some lovely links to projects you can do at home as well as other mothers who create. 

I created a little something this week. The munchkins are going trick-or-treating and I was inspired by this Little Red Riding Hood/ Big Bad Wolf costume combination by Martha Stewart.  I wasn't crazy about the fabrics chosen, so I just used the pattern and made them with fur.  I do like the fact that the base of the pattern is a sweatsuit, because the hoodies are going to keep them snuggly warm! I have to say, I like mine much better, especially since it doesn't create two heads.  (The Martha version has eyes and a mouth on the hood itself, but that always looks strange to me.) 


 If you don't know about Tintin, it's worth the research.  My munchkins love him…

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