Fall Colors

I've woken up to fall being here with the new colors in the trees.  The reds and golds shimmering in the late sun have been tickling at the edges of my vision, cajoling me to like fall. The birds must have flown south.  Their nest was unoccupied by the little cottage.

We've found that the apple trees each have their own ripening date, one after the other.  The last two trees are ready now, crisp and sweet. They've been feeding the deer for the last week, as I didn't know that they would continue to ripen.  We thought they were crabapples.  I may not get to them even so. They do look so beautiful out my window.


I found the most ingenious box handles today. They looked like faux crystals and when you opened the box, they were attached with a screw. I immediately thought of drawer pulls. Can you envision cute little boxes with all different kinds of drawer pulls for lid handles?  What about on the sides of your boxes? 

 Have you seen this perfume display? I thought it was just adorable, and lends itself for so many different uses. It would be lovely on a dresser, holding your special items, or in a larger version, to hold cups with silverware and napkins for a party.

Some beautiful colors were showing in the blackberry patch, but alas, they will never sweeten in this chill. I think it's time for cocoa and candlelight.

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