Between Projects

I've been hosting my mother this week.  Not by our choice,but delightful all the same.  She fell down a flight of stairs and fractured her ankle, so we've been working on projects with her leg elevated.  All of my current art is in a "middle" stage right now.  It looks halfway done with pieces here and there. 

Here's one I haven't started yet, but feel I'm going to have to. Today one of my students asked me a question I've been wondering myself.  "Have you actually done this project we're doing right now?" Um, no. I had to admit.  I'm teaching you, and I know how to teach you, but I haven't actually done it myself.  I know that sounds strange, but as I've taught the class before and my student's paintings received rave reviews, I'd only let it nibble at the corner of my mind.  I think I'm going to have to do a copy of the painting I'm teaching…

As I'm not really crazy about any holiday that includes freaking people out, Halloween and April fools Day are pretty low on my favorites list. However, I do enjoy a good fall party and I found these delightful little cakes.

   You'll need to record the recipe right away though.  They are on the Cookie magazine site and I just got a notice that they are closing the magazine.

I've been teaching my students the good habit of daily sketching, including making a list of things for them to sketch. 

This site caught my eye as they are trying to follow the "sketch-a-day" practice. One magazine that isn't disapearing (yet) is my Bon Appetit.  It came in the mail yesterday and after looking at those yummy photos of Thanksgiving, I know you're going to be drooling on your keyboard.

Just you wait.

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