Have you ever thought about where your pockets first originated?  When you look at drawings of ancient togas covering Greeks and Romans, they don't have pockets sewn into their clothing. Once you reach the Middle ages, they appear.  However, instead of being hidden, they are worn on the outside, attached by a belt.  (Pockets to the left are from the collection at the MFA Boston.)
I made my own version of one of these, with braided ribbons for the "belt" when I was working as an art director for a summer camp, many moons ago.  I didn't have a way to close mine, however, so every time I bent over, I lost all of my trinkets, coins, and love notes from little boy campers.

I researched to find out how they kept all their treasures inside.  The patterns I found used a double flap and toggles or buttons.  I decided to use a zipper.  I drew a little scene on canvas and added glass bead-work, then stitched it up.  When I originally envisioned the pocket, it was to work with the diva doll, but they didn't end up going

together.  It didn't take too long to make, the longest time for the artwork was sewing on all the individual beads


for the fruit and flowers.  The most time consuming part of assembly was inserting the zipper by hand, since I couldn't figure out how to do it by machine.

I've loved elephants forever.  At least, since my Gram brought me a little one from India when I was ten.  When she passed away, I asked for the mother elephant that she had kept.  Since moving to Deer Haven, another animal has grown on me.  I'm sure you can guess which one.  I started peeking around Etsy for little deer things and came away with this lovely site called Trafalgar's Square.  It looks like the artist has a new blog as well at onelittlehollow.blogspot.com 

We took the munchkins away for a one night summer vacation this week to Great Wolf Lodge. I know that sounds short (and a bit late), but that's all a kid really needs when they've been allowed to run free for a month out here.  We went on a Sunday night/Monday when everyone else was away at school, so we just had itty bitty people around and no lines on the inter-tube rides. They LOVED it.  There was literally no wait for the pools they wanted to swim in, and it was only an hour's drive away. A pool and no airfare.  That's a bit rare here in the chilly Pacific Northwest…





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2 Responses to Pockets

  1. a says:

    [ciò è buono]

  2. Rosemoor says:

    Yes, I can see the resemblance between the pockets you mentioned and this one. I actually love the "housewife" sewing pocket!

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