Once upon a time, in a land very close, so close it was under your bed, there was a tiny girl.  My sister and I had high spool beds growing up.  They came from my spinster Great Aunt Vevah's home.  My daddy used to tuck us in tight at night, almost suffocating us with the sheets in his desire to keep us from rolling out of bed.  As we grew older, we crawled under the beds into the

secret world of our dolls.  We fashioned shoe boxes, medium moving boxes, and scraps of fabric into doll castles.  This little star would have been quite the diva there, in all her polka-dotted glory. 

We do all the hard work for you here.  The heavy lifting (of the fork), the weight gain (so you don't have to), and oh yes, the paying of the first bill (in case it was a baaad experience.)  When we only had one munchkin with us, we tried out the new Bones Restaurant in Battleground.


The first test, as always, was to order fresh squeezed orange juice.  If your server knows why you are ordering fresh squeezed orange juice, they would never fill your glass with ice

 cubes.  We were not impressed.

 However, they did make up for it in the rest of the plates.  The food was excellent, but we were a little concerned on the service side.  It was certainly a new, new, restaurant that needed to learn the ropes.  I'd be concerned about arriving on a busy night.  All in all, food's good, go for lunch.


Please excuse the bad photo here.  It does not do justice to the cooks.  I just had to thank Lori for hosting a glorious Alaskan fish-fry this week.

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