Dancing in my head

I had a little doll dancing in my head this week.  She simply wouldn't let me go until she was made.  She's not finished, but all of her parts are there.  Finally, she's out!  Once out however, I have to start thinking about her clothing.  What do you see her wearing?

I'm starting to read a favorite book from my childhood to my munchkins this week.  It's The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, by Margaret Sidney.  Do you have books that you were crazy about as a child?  I completely identified with Polly, the oldest girl in the Pepper story, as she takes care of her younger siblings with such heart.  I had the same "brood" at my house growing up.

As you know, I love cooking (as long as it's creative).  However, with cooking and a constantly revolving back door, comes flies.  I know they are necessary to break down garbage, but I hate flies.  The munchkins are hired assassins to keep them down around here.  However, they don't get paid if I have to see the dead creatures laying around. 

This one must have died of natural causes.  He may have had a point about something stinking though.  I found this on the bottom shelf, way in the back of the refrigerator this week.


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