Fair well and Farewell


We surprised the munchkins with a trip to the county fair on it's last day this weekend.  They carefully counted out their alloted share of the ride tickets and I happily sought out all the bright colors.  So much of the year it's lush and green here, but not hot with a clear sky.  If I wanted some cheer in my pocket for the darker days, I knew I'd have to store some away. 

I happened across the praying mantis on my way out of a friend's funeral.  If you want to know a bit about her, Patty wrote a very nice piece. Mark Will's song "Don't laugh at me" was very appropriately sung at her funeral.

I try to take animal photos often, as I use my own photography as much as possible in my drawings.  This photo is also a good shot of the personality of this dog.  I think he's really a Labrador  stuck in a German Shepherd's body.

  He is mild mannered, loves kids, and is not psychotically possessive of his owners or their property.  He just wants to be played with. (Notice the two toys at his feet.)

Your presents are almost done.  They've all been stitched up and are awaiting a special touch.

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