Your Birthday Present

My birthday is next Friday, the 14th.  That means that I get to party and you get to open presents!  Some of the past presents include the bag to the left and the item listed on my blog here.  They are surprises, as I like most things to be a surprise, so email me with your mailing address before my birthday if you want a package to arrive at your house!

  In case you didn't get the email, my cookbook template is now accessible on Microsoft's template page.  It is fully editable for you to add all of your lovely recipes and family history.  It also has my lovely elephants marching around the border.  (Hurrah!)

I made Italian sodas for Jenna's shower last week, but Meredith took the cake for decorating the room.  Jenna's wedding decor theme is tropical, and the party room was bamboo and lime green.




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  1. a says:

    How refreshing everything looks!

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