Mother and Child

They were eating apples and the tender leaves off the trees in the orchard in the afternoon, trying to escape the heat.  As they took their time, I was able to fit the 300 mm lens on to get a close up.  I shot until the camera was full, as I don't often get them to hold still long enough to get a clear view.  I think it paid off…

My flowers were absolutely lovely early in the week.  The blossoms all bloomed out and I got photos of most of them.  However, since we had unusually hot weather, by the  end of the week, they had been burned.  (Heat stroke for flowers too, I guess.) 


The bees have continued to work faithfully, both good and naughtily. 


Bumblebees are pollinating my blackberries and the yellow jackets are eating the cedar on our patio railing.  I set out to capture a bee in flight, but it was so hard!  Because they just lift off and are gone in a blur, I had a heck of a time.  I must have taken 50 shots to get just one I liked!  If I was still working with a film camera, I could never have justified the cost!


Dh grilled ribs out on the patio, though he thought it would probably work just to lay them directly on the concrete this week.  I thought it must be a subliminal message of hope for cooler weather that the munchkins set the table with the snowmen tableware.  It looked rather funny to me to see watermelon and ribs with the blue rimmed plates.

Here's a little exercise for you.  I took a photo of this in order to use it for the play of light across the surface.  I thought it would work in quite a few applications.  Just what do you think it is?



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  1. a says:

    It's a snake or a fish.

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