Summer Projects

I think I need a cupcake from Sprinkles right now. It needs to be the Dark Chocolate, the Lemon, Key Lime, or Raspberry.  Are you coming over to bake with me? 

This summer I've actually been working on the list of projects left in limbo on this blog.  You may recall the fluffy white Frankendeer.  She now has a head, all the pattern pieces have been created for her body and I finished up the colors for a leg today.  I guess you'll be seeing her in stages.  She's currently nameless.

Today the littlest munchkin wondered whether green eggshells tipped you off to trouble brewing inside the egg.  I assured him that Araucana eggs were just pretty on the outside, normal on the inside.  He made me think about the chick photos I took last year at this time. 

We also chatted about making paper.  I've made it before with 100% rag cotton and conversely with recycled scraps.  A few of my girlfriends had talked about wanting to learn how to make paper and I ran across this post in Mushroommeadow's blog. Her hand made paper die cut tags are just adorable!

 My trip to Goodwill (second hand store) was especially fruitful this week.  Though you can see that I don't really do any light summer reading.  (Nary a fiction romance among them, unless it happens to be Jane Austin.)  I managed to clean out a good portion of the used books.  (Not from my house, mind you, from the store.)  We need new bookshelves. Again.

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  1. {A'Marie} says:

    Very inspirational blog! 🙂

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