Party Time

I decided to post all the party pics so you wouldn't suspect just how often we actually party around here.  We started out our party season with robots and ended with treasure hunts.  I took the robot party theme from one of my favorite mother/child magazines, Cookie.  I rarely follow pre-planned parties to the "T", but they really thought this one out, and I give them kudos for it.  The only crazy thing I tried was to follow the directions for painting metallic

 silver dust on the robot with a paintbrush. NOT! (Especially at two in the morning, it was incredible…and not in a good way.)  Sprinkle it on with a mini sieve.  Believe me.

We progressed through their listed activities, a robot music version of musical chairs using laminated robot pictures, building two different types of robots and veggie robot heads for a snack.


Naturally, all of this activity makes the adults very hungry, so we had plenty of foods for acquired tastes on hand as well.


  Our next round of parties followed a search theme.  We had both a detective party and a treasure hunt and I wrote all of the clues on them. (I know, I'm a little nuts that way.)  They both went off very well too. Some of the fun parts of writing the clues was that I used puzzles and mirrored writing to make it last a little longer.  They didn't seem to mind, and actually enjoyed the camaraderie necessary to solve them.  (We required that each child in the group have a turn to read a clue in order for the treasure to be uncovered.)


At the end of the hunt there was treasure, one of them booby trapped with water balloons.  They loved it as it was an unexpected challenge and a hot day.  The food for these parties were fish-n-chips for the "treasure hunters" and movie snacks for the detectives.  (The treasure hunters made their own boats as a craft and then filled them with fries and halibut fishsticks.)




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