Night on the Town

Caprial's Bistro

I'll post more tomorrow, but we're off tonight for our fifteenth wedding anniversary!  We're eating at Caprial's.

I scoured the internet to find a recipe for you!  Here is the cake we had at Caprial and John's kitchen.  It's to die for!

The house will soon be quiet.  The munchkins and dh are off camping, and I'm going to art camp right here. Three

days of just creating.  I warned them not to expect a clean house when they came home.  (I could easily spend all weekend cleaning, scrubbing, organizing.) But sometimes you have to put your foot down, and just work on your passion.  My girlfriend Patty wrote about doing this same thing just a few weekends ago for her book. (I may call her if I need to escape tomorrow night.) 

The weather is heating up around here and I'm having to water the flowers. I had a beautiful grass in the front planter, but it didn't survive the winter. (Hmm, maybe it needed to be brought indoors.)  However, the succulents

have taken over and started throwing vines over the edge like I hoped they would.

  Frankly, most of my interest in plants comes from my desire to cook or eat without cooking.  My cousin understands this and sent me a terribly tempting site called Eat-It.  I'd like one of everything that grows in zone 8, please.  


We visited some friends for the fourth.  They like to put on a big show, and I played with the camera to catch a few shots for you.  All of the munchkins are finally old enough to light the fuses with punks.  They were thrilled, we were watchful.  A friend sent me a site that highlights artists every day called artist a day.  I've been enjoying it lately and thought you might as well.


The house across the street has been abandoned and the cherry trees that line the street seem lonely.  Littlest Munchkin and I picked them this week.  (Munchkin held the bowl while I bent the saplings down to pluck the fruit.)  We found that there are two kinds of pie cherries growing there.  We shared the pie with a neighbor, and felt a little better about lonely house.


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2 Responses to Night on the Town

  1. Rosemoor says:

    Oh, of the three days without the fam?! You'll just have to bring your munchkins over and we'll knit together!

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