School's Out

I'm SO excited!  School is out for the summer and I already have one project whipped up! I visited a new shop close by and they had ruffles on their window curtains.  A lot of ruffles.  It inspired me to come home and make a ruffled pillowcase for my niece. 

Of course, I had to add a ribbon pocket and a mini picture.  Usually I clip the mini's on with a miniature metal clip.  I thought it would be nicer to just tie this mini bunny on, as she might end up being laid on. 


 The littlest munchkin has a penchant for frozen blueberries.  We stored all of ours away in the deep freeze in the

cellar, so I never noticed that they were being snitched.  That is, until I went to get some ice cream and found it completely melted down the inside of the door.  Aargh!  Last weekend I got to cook up all of the thawed meat and fish.  This week it was all of the berries. 

I've seen two baby deer this week.  We think that Apple, Plum's baby, had a fawn this spring.  The munchkins have taken to calling him/her Cherry.  The second baby was one I saw today, on the way to pick up the older munchkins from Challenge Camp. (They did a ropes course camp.) The deer were walking down the road in front of us.  It startled me, and I really should have climbed out of the car to focus properly, but I just took shots out the window.  Next time I'll think more clearly!


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