One of my friends, Maja Ledgerwood, requested a custom item, so I worked on the pattern this week. 

As the family walked through the room I was working in, they all had their own opinons as to what the end product would be. 

It was so facinating to hear from each individual, and was so inspiring!  I thought I would pose it to you as well, to see what you think I should be making from the pattern in the picture.  Just click on the email sign on the left-hand side and send me your opinion. Or email me here.

I'm still working with the support staff in India to find out how the system swallowed my cookbook file.  When it posts, I will certainly let you know.  I'm counting the days now.  I think it's interesting how long it will take for them to sort things out… If I could find my Adobe Writer disk, I could just make it available here as a .pdf, but alas, I can not. 


These colors caught my eye in a flower case this week, and this Australian online magazine (Paper Mache) is pure eye candy.

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