What do you use to keep yourself growing?  A friend of my husband sees a life coach to keep him on track.  He wishes to clearly see his goals and the reasons for them. I'm not yet ready to commit to having someone hound me, but I've found one little tool that I've been using lately on the simplemom blog.  I love the way she has you prioritize your top three goals for the day. I may not get the top three achieved on the day that I write them down, but I have been going back to them and making certain that they are accomplished within the week.

One of the munchkins was reading through my blog the other day and called my attention to unrealized projects.  Munchkin made a list of them and smugly suggested that I finish everything I'd written about before starting any new projects. It was then proudly posted in my studio, where it could haunt me.

Of special interest to the little people in my house was the continuation of the story illustrations for Sunshine and Golden.  I'm seeing an ulterior motive (later bedtimes due to new stories). Do you have growing little helpers in your house too?

The template I made for you still has not shown up on Publisher's website, but I'm in communication with Microsoft's support staff to find out how to make it work. I'll keep you in the loop.

A friend of mine from art school, John Parish started a blog recently.  He posted some sketches he's using as a basis for his oil paintings.  He's a teacher, and hopes to complete some of them during the summer break.  I'm looking forward to "summer vacation" for the same reason. 

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  1. Thanks for the good tip on the 3 goals a week! Usually I plan 2 goals a day (like mini goals) but never did the 3 goals a week. I will try that 😉

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