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Ever since I started cooking at age 13, I've been working on recipes.  We were on a tight budget growing up, but if my sister or I made a list, dad would buy the ingredients.  I learned young that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach.  My daddy would indulge any spice request, specific cheese, or Italian noodle, as long as it was to hit his plate that night.

After I married and was cooking every night (yes it works that way in my house), I began amassing my recipes into a notebook.

Dh helped me think of the Dewey decimal system when creating the page numbers, so I can add recipes forever.  I've created a Microsoft publisher version of the template I use and have uploaded it to Microsoft Office's website, just for you! Here it is: Angel's cookbook template. (Make certain that your search is unfiltered, located on the lefthand side of the page under Community Filter.)

I also looked for some other template options and found this one at HP.  I even found some book publishers for your creations.  I like being able to add, edit, and reprint at will, so I won't be going the hardback direction any time soon for my cookbook, but in case you're enchanted with that notion, I've included that link as well.  Lastly, if you want a template and don't like mine (or don't have Publisher or Office) there is this one.

By the way, this photo is of the largest piece of meat I have ever had in my kitchen.  We purchased beef from a friend who had raised it.  It took us forever to eat it as we really don't eat that much red meat around here.

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6 Responses to Cookbook template

  1. Sadie says:

    I am looking for an easy cookbook template to compile my family's recipes in Publisher. I could not find yours on Microsoft's website… I would like one I can self-publish in book format. Thanks for any help!!

  2. Rosemoor says:

    You are so right! It wasn't on this page, but the link is now! Hope you enjoy it…

  3. fksimmons says:

    A, I clicked on the link above and it did not take me to your template page. Can you send it to me via email. Also, how is the cookbook doing. Do we have editions and I have submitted some soups last year did they get in the cookbook now?Also, we have a couple of other recipes, I just made a killer Mexican soup. I think we should add the recipe. Thanks,Faith

  4. Rosemoor says:

    Use the link again, but check on the left hand side of the page to see whether your Community Filter is set to "unfiltered". I had trouble with that too, as HP set that setting for me without my knowing it!

  5. CC says:

    I like your template!

  6. Rosemoor says:

    My templates werre created in Microsoft word. After you save the file to your computer, you open it with Word and then edit all the fields to you heart's delight. If you still have trouble figuring this out, you can email me…

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