We're getting lots of rain, even thundershowers, this spring.  I'm still not used to the weather being so different on the hilltop when our old house is only 20 minutes away.  The lightning flashed, the deep thunder rumbled, right over our heads on Tuesday.  I baked in response.

The ground is still wet every morning as I go out to the garden to adjust the sprinkler.  It surprises me, though I don't know why.  It's cool on my feet while the sun on my shoulders is warm, with wind whistling steadily around the corner of the house.  By the end of the day the black tiles on the porch have absorbed enough rays to keep my feet warm while the sun sinks behind the pines.

Indoors, I've been thinking about the library, and why no one sits there for very long.  We have two twin mattresses stacked along the wall, covered with pillows.  They are simply impostors, trying hard to look like a comfortable daybed.  I've begun sketching a frame to hold them, like a couch.  I'd also love to try my hand at creating a custom fabric to cover it from Spoonflower.  Of course, there could be so many things to make with my own fabric….


Custom is something dear to my heart, naturally, and so are photos.  I've been working on a book at My Publisher, but it takes so long for me to curate photos, it may be years before I actually publish it!  I'm sure everyone is much faster than me… However, I do find the oddest vignettes in my home.  This was on the floor last week in the kitchen.

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