Grand Experiment

My mother was away this Mother's Day, so I had the day with the munchkins and DH.  They agreed to begin the deer/garden experiment with me.  My current hypothesis, based on the fact that deer do not enjoy confined spaces, is that they will not jump the fence into my mini-garden.  However, I do know that the heighth of my fence is no threat.  They've cleared 7 foot fences to enjoy my father's orchards.

We dug with a will until we'd pulled up all the thick sod.  I proudly sport a blister on my right hand. (It's getting me out of dishes while the machine is broken.)

The munchkins worked so hard!  They talked of tomatoes, strawberries, fresh lettuces, bell peppers, and corn.  I reminded them that the plot wasn't all that big this year. 

They gave me a lovely wallet, all covered in elephants.  I had found it on etsy and hinted, but didn't know whether they'd follow through.  It shipped from Italy and still arrived on time.  It's even lovelier than I thought it would be.  The stitching is impecable, the snaps are strong, and it has SOOO many pockets!  You can get one too from



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