Work and Peace

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes.  The wind has been blustery all week and I've been concerned about the pollination of the apple trees.  However, when I walked down to observe during a brief sunny spell, the bees were hard at work.  I even managed to get this fuzzy shot of one at work while the wind was whipping around the orchard.

We saw the Ghandi movie a few weeks ago and then I went with some friends to see Desmond Tutu who was in town speaking at the University of Portland on Monday.  It made me think, once again, about peace, freedom, love, and what it takes to be at one with those qualities.

I love finding interesting animals to inspire my new art pieces.  Here's one I found recently, just up the road, but the other direction from where I usually travel.  He was so inquisitive, he turned around and checked me out for a while.  I think he was eyeing my camera.


We picked out new piano music for the munchkins to learn at Beacock's Music this week.  Some of the munchkins were enjoying the drums (hooked to headsets thankfully) a little too much. 

I'm afraid they're looking at raiding their piggy banks for a big noisy set.  I'll buy headphones!

The music we picked out for piano was the score from the new version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  We've been searching all over youtube to find an easy fingering to watch before starting the laborous process of transcribing the notes on the score.  (We can read music around here, but not as well as we'd like…) 



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2 Responses to Work and Peace

  1. a says:

    And, unless you truly intentionally upset their work and peace they accept you. I have stood with arms covered in bees with no stings. Buzzing warmth of peace. Lovely picture,

  2. Rosemoor says:

    They were buzzing in all the orchard trees, just a warm hum, but we do have to be carfeul of the wasps that come up on our porch. They are not at all alike. The wasps are curious about everything you do, and make it a point to come into your space and check out what you have. The honeybees stay on task with the flowers and move around you, not paying not much attention to you.

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