BB Winner

Birthday season will continue around Deer Haven until the end of June, but the "Best Birthday Contest" has a winner!  Two of Rosemoor's Readers will get a Deer Haven pillowcase!

Patty enchanted me with the thought of flying to Paris or even staying home and enjoying a good book, chocolate, and berries.

Sara shared a trip she'd already had with her dh on a past dream birthday.  It reminded me of one I'd been spoiled with.  My dh flew me up to the Space Needle Restaurant in Seattle for one evening.  We were back home before the babysitter had to go to bed. 

I have two fun sites for you to visit!  One is the Furniture Fair in Milan that is taking place this week. I ran across it while trying to decide what to do with a space in my basement.  I recalled loving looking through the Fair last year and really finding some unique things.  Here's one that I

liked from this year. It's produced by Magis, designed by Javier Mariscal.  I have to say that I am always enchanted by good furniture that is made for children.  I like things that are miniature and magically playful, so this fits the bill for me.

The second site I have for you is the (Semi) Affordable Art Fair in NYC.  (I'm not vouching for all of the "art" represented, but there are certain pieces I do like.)  I don't live close enough, but some of the artists are represented by UGallery online.  You can choose the "Under $100" catagory if you are needing just a little something and are not in NYC this week. 

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