24 more hours

The sun was shining and warm for three straight days here!  It felt dreamily like Florida for a brief moment in the Pacific Northwest.  I went a little crazy with spring cleaning and washed every stitch of laundry, opened the windows and cleared the porch.

Munchkins helped me plant four little strawberry plants in a box on the porch.  I'm concerned that they wouldn't last half a minute with the deer up here.  The garden is still in the planning stage, I'm debating where to put it. 

Last year I attempted a garden without fencing to see how much the animals would leave for me.  They viewed it as an invitation to the salad bar, so we'll be installing this lovely fencing I got for Mother's Day last year.

It's been a spring symphony with the trees here too.  The golden plums have turned from cotton to pale amber and the purple plums have joined with the apples to take their turns being snowy.

The deer painting I started long ago is now completed and I am working on a water background for her now.

Of course, she's just a little thing in comparison to the art of Da Vinci.   

A girlfriend of mine took her troupe with ours to see an exhibit at OMSI this week.  I absolutely adored his tiny book and wanted to run home and make one exactly like it immediately. 

Instead, I wandered through the rest of the exhibit until I came to a little closet with mirrors all the way around the inside.  There was a pinhole by which I took this photo.  I reminds me of the art by Yayoi Kusama

You have 24 more hours before I shut the doors on the "best birthday surprise" box and start drawing out the dreams…



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