I love Easter

I really do.  I love that it's symbolic of new life, I love the cheerful colors, and best of all, I love the whole "surprise" aspect.  I adore surprises. (Don't forget to write to me about your best birthday dream here to find a surprise in your mailbox!)   

I'm not crazy about plastic items.  I don't like the thought that I've bought something that can contribute to a landfill at any point in time.  However, my Easter eggs are highly reusable, collectible (by me), and so darn cute!  I'm picky though. This year's finds are a Hello Kitty head, carrot-top, a chick with wings, a pink striped one and of course, The Golden Egg.  Let me know if you find any particularly wonderful additions.  The munchkins had me read The Egg Tree to them tonight.  Another book

series that I like are the Daisy books.  The illustrations are so endearing and I loved the book that taught the munchkins that it really is important to listen to mum.  Of course, our Daisy duck has had her eyes loved off.  The munchkins have more empathy for blind stuffed animals

anyway.  It's been raining, on and off this week, but between showers we've had simply gorgeous weather.  During the first sunny afternoon, the trees took their cue and began opening their blossoms.  It was as if we could see them opening right before our eyes.  All the plum and cherry trees in our neighborhood have bloomed out now.  It's gorgeous.  They keep drawing me outside to peek at them, showing off like little girls in twirling white dresses.  


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