very best birthday

One of the munchkins announced that they'd had their very best birthday tonight.  I was a bit surprised, but then, they'd skipped school, played a board game with their daddy, had pancakes for dinner, a package arrived in the mail, and they finished off a new movie tonight.  I guess that would be a pretty big day for me too. 

What's your idea of a bestest birthday?  Send me your thoughts and if I pick it to post next week, you will get a "birthday" surprise from me…

The flowers are beginning, the rain is coming in torrents, and the grass is growing.  My sister told me that the cherry blossoms have started in Washington DC.  She thought she recalled mine being about three weeks later.  I think they may come sooner though as we've had a tiny warm spell.

   A girlfriend of mine came and saw the "shack" in the back yard last weekend.  She declared that it was much larger than she'd imagined.

  I guess my stating that it had been used as a doghouse had thrown her off.  I meant to say that it had been used by very large dogs after the children had outgrown it.  

The birthday muchkin took a crooked picture of me by the "play house shack" this morning for you.  I hope this helps you to visualize it better. 

Does it need curtains?  to be raised and have steps? Dream a little with me… 


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