Beautiful Days

There are days when I roll out of bed like a drill sargent. 

 I hit the wall at the end of the day and wonder… where was the beauty in this day?  It's not easy for me to pause. I need to though.  When I decide to make the day beautiful, it becomes so.  When I pull out my "pretty things" and use them, think ahead to speak my thanks or appreciation to those I love (and don't love!), or take a few more moments to do something well instead of "just getting it done", I'm more at peace.

Last weekend I visited a friend who has moved away.  She'd invited a group of her girlfriends to spend a special evening together.  She took the time to pull out her china and the good towels, choose movies and a menu.  She wrote notes to each of us and took time to make sure we each were taken care of.  She created a Beautiful Day.



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