Hoping for Spring Cheer

I keep hoping for spring here in the chilly Pacific Northwest.  Today I wore my smocked cotton chocolate brown skirt and dark umber linen jacket.   Then hid them under my wool coat.  I need cheerfulness, so here's another pocket full of color for us all.

I found this cheerful image Tuesday on the back patio.  Wouldn't you be cheered by it? 

On the subject of food, or what some people call food, I have here "Bunny Bologna".  At least, that's what we called it when we saw it in the Netherlands.  The butcher shops carry it around Easter time.  WE thought it looked disgusting, but then, some people actually EAT bologna…

Munchkin was wishing to paint a watercolor yesterday, and asked me to sketch something for a painting.  I consented, naturally thinking a little dog, a house, a tree with a swing.  But munchkin had bigger plans. Better plans. Turning to page 102 of a manga book, I was shown in full glory what I was to sketch. 

I decided to give you a copy so you could color it too.  (Your printout will be a little sketchy as I wanted to reduce the file size here. Click on the image to go to the larger version.  Then right click to see the copy/paste option.  Copy the image to your clipboardand then paste it into a drawing or word processing program to print it out.)  I'd love to see the colors you pick…

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