a little bitta love

On Tuesday, Safeway was out of my milk.  Fred Meyer was also out of my milk.  What do you know? Albertsons didn't have it either.  My dh drove 20 miles to find my particular version of dairy products, and when he couldn't find it anywhere, he decided that chocolate was better than coming home empty handed.  That's what I call romantic.  So here's to you, darling!

To the right is a little crafty item I whipped up for a baby shower I co-hosted this week.  It's really easy and turns out cute. I've added the youtube link.  I'm sure all you guys out there are going to run out and buy a pack of diapers now.  Woo Hoo! Go for it! 

With Valentines this weekend I thought I'd throw out an idea.  If you wish to have someone else think about romance for you, I found this little book to be perfect.  You just pick a number, read the suggestion and modify it to your situation. We used it quite a bit as newlyweds.

I'll have another Portland restaurant review for you after this weekend.  We made reservations at a French place, Fenouil, new to us.  I hope it isn't too French, at least not as French as my French cookbook.  If it is, I will be waddling out of there, my arteries coated with butter. 

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