Just another week

The littlest munchkin was perusing my cookbook and latched upon this recipe this week.  So we made it and though it was declared "too dark", referring to the chocolate, there was not a crumb left upon the plate.  Two of the neighbors relieved me of the extra calories in their slices, thankfully, and declared it neither too dark, nor too rich for them!  It's a riff off of the recipe found here.  (We substituted sugar and a little water for the corn syrup, added a bit of orange juice to the berry sauce.) 

Of course, things can't get too fancy around here, so we had to grow the test-tube dinosaurs from a birthday party on the windowsill.

I've finished a little suitcase, twice the size of the first set.  I think it came out just perfect, and I hope Sara does too! 

It's a surprise present for someone who will be going away for a birthday trip.  The listing and photos will go up next week and I'll post a link to them in next Thursday's entry so you can see them. 

Lastly, I've nearly finished the Valentines I need to give out.  Do I need to make one for someone you know?

Send me their info and I'll send it to them…(or I can send it to you if you'd rather give it out…)



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