Secret Valentine

I hate it when holidays showcased in the retail shops follow on the heels of one another without taking a moment to come up for air.  However, I need your help with a little project.

Recall the days when you've had butterflies in your tummy, knowing that someone was thinking of you.  It put you in a different frame of mind, turned grey days pink, made you see green blades of grass growing through the cracks in the asphalt.  I want you to think of people in your life who could be seeing misty fog this Valentines Day.  In my life, I can think of several widows, girlfriends whose husbands went AWOL, a boy who can't find his girl.  I'm making some special Valentines for them, and some for people in your life too.  I'm asking that you do a little sneeking around and send me some addresses of people who need Valentines this year.  They will get a rosy mini package from Rosemoor and their "Secret Admirer" (you.)  Make someone who needs a hug more than you, feel loved.


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2 Responses to Secret Valentine

  1. Kacy says:

    Er… I'm not the "boy who can't find his girl" am I? That was just a random example right? Because, I don't wanna be that guy.

  2. Rosemoor says:

    Um, no, of course not… (there are several of you Kacy, actually thousands, but of course, none exactly like you…) and if you are one of those who don't want a leetle Valentine from me, then of course, I wasn't thinking of you… only the other six guys.

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