Pack your bags

It's happening!  Hurrah! Hurrah!  Dh and I are finally going away on a munchkins free weekend!  We don't care to waste one minute on tickets or travel, so we stay right here in Portland.  There is sooo much to see and do right in our own backyard. I'll take you on a photo tour next week.  I can't wait! (Can you tell?)

To celebrate, I made these sweet mini bags, his and hers.  I knew you'd love them too.

I can make one to celebrate your trip too.  Just send me a note with colors you like, and I can whip it up.  I can make one any size you'd like and can even fit mini tickets (such fun to make) proclaiming the place you are going with your travel mate(s)!

Last weekend we walked the street in downtown Portland and saw something from my college days.  I recall strolling the streets in a tiny town in Nebraska and having hundreds of these crunch under foot.  One of my munchkins was delighted with them and their "hats".  He stuffed his pockets, determined to take them back to the squirrels at Deer Haven.

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