Counting down the ponies


Oh my goodness, I just have so much on my mind to share with you this week.  But first, a heads up on the pony shirts.  If you've been thinking about getting one of these for any little girl in your circle, do it now.  When I last looked, there were only two left. Two. I don't know when I will be hand printing more, and if I do, they will be different shirts because I have to find a new supplier stateside.  I think that there are only one or two more onesies as well.  (One of my FAVORITE lime green ones.  Don't know how that one missed getting on the market for so long.)

Next, if you wish for anything handmade (think custom) with artwork on it and wish for it to arrive before Christmas or other end-of-the-year holiday etc., now is the time to contact me.  I don't like to think about those things before Halloween is over, however, I do have to schedule handmade delights. 

Speaking of custom, a beautiful package arrived at Deer Haven this week.  It is a glicee by Paola, from "over the pond". I love her black and white photography, so charming, with an old-world feeling.

It was lovely and cheered me up after a long week with an overambitious munchkin.  Munchkin decided that repairs must be made on the roof of munchkin's second story tree house.  (He's not allowed that high) so, of course, he lost his footing. Thus, we spent time in the hospital with said munchkin.  Much to all of our relief, he's simply sore. (Sore?!)  Yes, sore. 

All further roof repairs are halted until rock pile etc. have been removed.  

Naturally, I've since felt the extreme need for chocolate, prayers, and more chocolate, to cope.  From Moonstruck Chocolate, we had the pyramid, milk on the outside, truffle on the inside, very soothing.  From my kitchen, a chocolate cupcake with melted Guittard chocolate chips for the icing.  My dh almost lost it though when I threw a package of Hostess donuts in the grocery cart though.  (I'm the one who reads the labels, no corn syrup, MSG, hydrogenated oils.)  But hey, it's been a long week, and chocolate is chocolate.




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