Pond Pocket

Do you walk in your kitchen and see a sight like this?  I think someone has decided that waiting for mom to fix lunch doesn't always provide the quick sugar high you can get by doing it yourself.


This little duck had thoughts of her own as well. I started to work a pattern in, but she gave me a look.  Funny, sometimes I wonder if I'm the artist or if the animals direct what's going on. 

She's now on the front of the little pocket below.  When I finished, I laughed because it looked like a little frog mouth to me and I hadn't even planned it.  Others around here thought it looked a bit like a cat or cookie monster, but whichever it is, it certainly has a face!  The pocket is just the right size for gift cards, money, gift certificates for massages or doing the dishes, whatever you fancy.  It will also snuggly hold a travel sized tissue package.



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